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We offer a service that caters for the clients taste. We can colour in the period of the engraving or offer a more modern and decorative approach. If you need guidance we are here to help with descisions.

The medium we use is watercolour and gouche and when required such as on a document or illumination we use gold leaf. All work is carried out in a completely smoke free environment. Work sent to us is first sized, and then, after colouring pressed in our old hot press that gives a professional finish.

We offer a cleaning service for Antique prints that need more than just colouring. We clean prints on all papers except "India paper".

Please click on the "prints for sale"and "examples" buttons to see some illustrations of our work. If you would like us to undertake some work for you, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Contact- Tel/Fax +44(0) 01373 864467 (between UK hours of 9am and 6pm)

E-mail handcolouring@gmail.com  E-mail pwfrith8@gmail.com